I believe 

that learning is the most fun a person can have, and that it can happen at any age. I bring this enthusiasm and love for lifelong learning to every classroom, theatre camp, and workshop circle I enter. For me, play and education are connected, which is why I believe so strongly in theatre as a learning medium.


It is my goal to introduce children to a love of language, communicating, and constructive play. I work to build positive, supportive group environments through ensemble work and shared laughter. I encourage and model risk-taking, 100% effort, and playing with abandon!


As a teacher, leader, and theatre artist, I strive to do good work, share stories, and help kids to grow in confidence and community spirit. 

Read the cover story about my program inititatives with the Stoughton Public Library:

"Library initiative focuses on new target audience"

By Amber Levenhagen Unified Newspaper Group

Photos by Joe Picchetti, Summit Players Theatre


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