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Interview with Wisconsin Public Television


"Klapperich-Mueller’s Margret is especially heartfelt"

                - Selena Milewski, Shepherd Express

"Klapperich-Mueller conveys Margret's combination of innocence, nostalgia and fragility"

                - Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

"Hannah Klapperich-Mueller’s “sexy mouth” shtick, is worthy of Carol Burnett"

                - Jeff Grygny,

"Hannah Klapperich-Mueller helps tie the whole thing together as a daring and fun-loving Rosalind."

               - Katie Hauger, Shepherd Express


"Klapperich-Mueller and Sisto—two Marquette University students working with MCT as part of its 'University Collaboration Series'—more than hold their own among the seasoned pros. Klapperich-Mueller is charming as the reserved (with Max) and swooning (with Tito) Maggie."

               - Paul Kosidowski, Milwaukee Magazine


"Marquette student Hannah Klapperich-Mueller playing Maggie comes on stage blushing with winsome innocence"

                - Peggy Sue Dunigan,


"Klapperich-Mueller — morphs from a girlie, saccharine-sweet naif into a young woman with expectations about relationships meriting Max's attention."

               - Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

"Actresses Hannah Klapperich-Mueller and Kelly Dillon as Helena and Hermia are equally hilarious as they snivel and dote over their respective lovers."

                - Mac Writt, Shepherd Express


"(Shakespeare is) consistently fun to watch whether they're tragedies or comedies and so bringing them out into a park where the whole world seems bigger and more open to you - it seems to fit," says Hannah Klapperich-Mueller. She's co-founder and executive director of Summit Players."

            WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio, July 21, 2016

"Like Bottom in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Hannah Klapperich-Mueller had a most rare vision."

           Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 1, 2015 

"The idea started with Klapperich-Mueller when she decided that for her senior capstone project she wanted to do Shakespeare in the Park. "We were walking through the campground and there was one of those amphitheaters that I have never seen anyone use...," she says. 'But I just thought, as a theater student, I would just love to get in there and be on that stage.'"

           WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio, June 3, 2015

Photo from Shepherd Express

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