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"What's green and has wheels? Grass. I lied about the wheels."

-Hannah's favorite joke, go-to ice breaker


The about me: I'm multi-hyphenate theatremaker and library lover from Milwaukee, WI. I love teaching, telling lame jokes (see above), and exploring the exciting world we live in. I'm a pretty enthusiastic nerd and I love tackling new challenges. 


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2019 with my Masters in Library and Information Studies, with a focus on Youth Services. Previously, I attended Marquette University and studied Theater Arts and Writing-Intensive English. In short, I've spent my academic career learning how to play with words and tell stories, and there's nothing I love more. It is my deep and cherished belief that humans need stories, both to become better humans, and to learn how to live their own. 


I love to work and to learn. I'm incredibly grateful to have worked with many distinguished artists in Milwaukee, including C. Michael Wright, Isabelle Kralj, Jamie Cheatham, Todd Denning, Marti Gobel, Don Russell, Kelly Coffey, Di Alioto, James Fletcher, Deb Krajec, Maureen Kilmurry, Phylis Ravel, Carol Zippel, and John Schneider.


I would love to find a story we could work on together. 

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